Thursday, September 2, 2010

And life catches up with you

Apologies for the delay of my most recent blog post; with graduate classes, among other things starting up, i've had little time to do much.

I have, however, been on every day to check out my followers and see if i couldn't get any inspiration from comments left behind. Fifty-five followers!  Thank you guys!

Hip-Hop satire. "Hambone, Hambome, Hambone, yeah!"

Must-see music vid.  Definately makes you think: "What?"

Another music-related vidya!  Fast-Food icons for a night out on the town.  Who'd of thought?

And have a read while you're at it too:
I have been putting some more thought into how i can improve the look of my blog, as well as future posts. As soon as i can find my archaic copy of Photoshop 7.0, i can get a snazzy banner instead of this plain text (hell, maybe even Flash MX if i feel up to it).

As for content, i already know i'm going to run out of interesting videos to link sooner or later.  Without the time to check out videos all day, it's inevitable. There are already enough people like Philip DeFranco and Ray William Johnson (aka =3 or "Equals Three") as it is. So in the coming weeks you may see a new aspect to my blog posts.  We shall see. I have an interest in perhaps putting an adult twist to the blog, but i really need to see what age group my audience falls under first (expect this to be the next poll).

So, you have just been filled in... wait a sec...

-Dat Nut


  1. time for some daily love again!


    Following you, pls do same also:

  3. doin' the daily rounds.

    btw, remove captcha plox!

  4. I lol'd at your chinese proverbs.