Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's more likely than you think!

It has only been  24 hours since my first blog posting, and i'm surprised to see almost forty followers.  Thank you all for spreading word.

I'm still trying to find a nice looking layout for my blog postings. The options for posting multiple photos in one post seem a bit sparse and rather unpleasant looking (as my first post proves).

The web comic post had some good comments. There are entirely too many web comics out there to choose from, and i figured i would post a few from the user comments.

Web Comics!
Cynical comedy, which is ever so delicious!

Definitely one i'm not too familiar with, but checking out a few from their archives brought a smile to my face.  This one gets my approval! =)

Jeremy Clarkson Beatbox (that guy from the show Top Gear)
I felt some obligation to post this since seeing the Bed intruder song take off (A remix of this crazy news report).

Crazy Japanese.  This is a series of user created SMB3-based levels designed to move Mario through them, without any user interaction, to play various anime, touhou, and game music.  It never ceases to amaze me what comes out of that country >.>

A hilarious JaboOody Dub done well before Billy Mays' death. Check out their You Tube channel and website too!

And my last parcel of humor for the day:

Again, I encourage everyone to please vote on my poll in the right column. With 3 votes submitted so far, the results are quite split!
-Dat Nut


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